Generate private iOS App distribution links using Apple Business Manager

Assuming that your Apple Business Manager account has already been created and that your App has been configured to distribute to your organisation, you are now ready to generate private iOS App install links.

  1. Login into Apple Business Manager and click on Custom Apps
    • Your App should be present under Custom Apps.
  2. Click on the App, on the right hand side you should see ‘Buy Licenses’ section
    • Change ‘License Type’ to ‘Redemption Codes’
    • Set ‘Quantity’ to a number relative to your Organisation i.e (2 times * number of staff in your organisation)
      • For example, if there’s 60 staff in your organisation, Quantity could be set to : 120 (2 x 60)
    • Click on ‘Get’
  3. Now the install links are being generated, it may take a 1-2 minutes. Once it’s completed, the Business Account Manager should receive an email, similar as follows:
  4. Within the Custom Apps > App screen, there’s a section called ‘Redemption Code’s under Manage Licenses
    • Click on ‘Download’
    • An excel file containing unique iOS install links should be generated. These links can be distributed out to users.

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